” I have the fortune to hold a brush in my hand.” Åsa Elisa D.

A painter who also like printmaking

Åsa Elisa Dahlbeck is educated at Valand school of art at the University of Gothenburgh.She study painting and graphic art for five years (1979-84).

As an artist she is inspired by nature,music,literature,meeting with people and animals,dreams and of course the old masters in art as Rembrandt,Vincent van Gogh,Leonardo da Vinci and a lot more. There are many techniques to visualize an image.Åsa Elisa uses some of them such as watercolor,oil,tempera,chalk,oilbar,blyant,tusch,drypoint,woodcut and monotype.
She paints an organic whole of theese ingredients.
It often becomes like poetry and pieces of music with elements of stories.